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Hamburger Zucchini

Hamburger Zucchini

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Zucchini burger recipe by of 21-06-2016 [Updated on 22-06-2017]

The zucchini burgers are a variation of the delicious eggplant burgers that I proposed some time ago and that you enjoyed so much. Very easy to make, light and fragrant, they have already become one of my favorite summer dishes. The Hamburger Zucchini, like other dishes of the kind that I have proposed to you in recent months, are a valid vegetarian alternative to vary an alimerntazione based too much on animal proteins. My day started accelerated, I made a work plan that would need 2 me and some helpers, let's see what I can do;) a basin and have a good day: *


How to make zucchini burgers

Wash the courgettes, peel them, cut them into cubes and brown them in a pan with a little oil.

Transfer them to a bowl, add cheese, chopped bread, mint, garlic and salt and mix well.
(If the mixture looks really soft, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of breadcrumbs to help compact it a bit, I didn't need it.)

Divide the mixture and form the 2 burgers, pressing the mixture very well, in order to make the burgers beautifully compact.

Cook in a good, lightly greased non-stick pan, turning them gently to brown them on both sides.

Once ready, serve your zucchini burgers immediately.

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