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Mint pesto

Mint pesto

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Mint Pesto Recipe from of 27-08-2016 [Updated on 27-08-2016]

Mint pesto is one of my latest experiments, and in my opinion one of the most original and successful variations of pesto! Its fresh flavor goes very well with pasta and vegetables, but if you like this you can also use it to accompany meat or fish: you will see what flavor!
The recipe is very simple just blend (or for purists, crush) the mint (make sure it is beautifully scented) with almonds, garlic, parmesan, salt and extra virgin olive oil and the game is done, in a few minutes the mint pesto will be ready;) I prepared the recipe a few days before leaving for the holidays, having no one who could come to water the plants here in the office and not knowing if the technique of putting the plants in the bathtub with water below it would have worked (this year it didn't work: /) and in order to prevent my care to make my aromatic plants thick and lush from going to waste, I removed all the leaves from both the mint and basil plants and prepared some jars of pesto to freeze for the winter. Well try the recipe and let me know, a kiss: *


How to make carrot spaghetti with mint

Wash the mint leaves well and then dry them.

Put them in the mixer together with almonds, cheese, garlic, salt and oil.
Blend until you get a homogeneous sauce.

You can use mint pesto to dress pasta or bruschetta.

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