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Pesto sauce in the Trapani's style

Pesto sauce in the Trapani's style

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Recipe Trapanese Pesto of of 27-05-2007 [Updated on 28-08-2018]

The pesto alla trapanese or "agghiata trapanisa" to put it in Sicilian dialect is a variant of the more famous Genoese pesto.
The main ingredients are basil, tomato, almonds, all pounded raw in a mortar or, for convenience, in a mixer. Trapanese pesto has a sweet and delicate flavor and is suitable for dressing pasta, both hot and cold, traditionally accompanied by the pasta format called "busiati", a sort of twisted macaroni. I changed the recipe, because my aunt's was not very traditional, I find this better, try it and let me know


How to make Trapani pesto

Blanch the cherry tomatoes for a few minutes. Remove the peel from the cherry tomatoes and the seeds and let them cool.

Pound or blend a bunch of basil with 1 clove of garlic and a little oil.

Add the almonds and continue to blend until the mixture is homogeneous but not smooth.

Add the cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper and pecorino cheese, adding more oil slowly.

You will need to get a sauce.

Use the pesto alla trapanese to season the pasta or keep it in the fridge covered with a drizzle of oil and a layer of cling film.

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