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Chicken with Brussels sprouts

Chicken with Brussels sprouts

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Chicken with Brussels sprouts recipe from of 17-01-2018 [Updated on 22-01-2018]

Chicken with Brussels sprouts is a rich and savory main course of meat. Sometimes we run out of ideas when we have to prepare chicken and we just always cook it the same way! In reality, chicken can have a thousand combinations and variations, which is why in this recipe I have combined it with Brussels sprouts, almonds and rosemary, a mix of flavors that has conquered everyone in my home. By bringing this dish to the table you will have a second course and a side dish together, comfortable isn't it?
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How to make chicken with brussels sprouts

Clean the sprouts and blanch them for 5 minutes in plenty of hot salted water.
Once drained, cut them into 4 parts.

Cut the chicken into chunks and flour it well.
Brown the garlic in the oil and add the chicken to cook it for about 15 minutes, turning it over.

Then add the beer and then add the sprouts.
Mix the ingredients, add salt and pepper and cook for 5 minutes.
Meanwhile, toast the almonds separately.

Serve your chicken with Brussels sprouts along with the almonds and rosemary.

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