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Roman-style tripe

Roman-style tripe

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Roman-style tripe recipe of 04-10-2017 [Updated on 09-03-2018]

There Roman tripe it is, as the name already suggests, a recipe that comes from the Lazio region. It is a very substantial second course, enriched with tasty tomato pulp flavored with mint. For cook tripe there are several ways, but this was the first experiment that, according to my father, was successful! As I told you, in my house, the only person who appreciates this preparation is my father, and since I haven't even tasted it, this time you have to trust him and his judgment: P
If you like the tripe with sauce, try your hand at this recipe and let me know.


How to make Roman-style tripe

Cut the bacon and carrot into small cubes.
In a pan with the olive oil, put the finely chopped onion, bacon, carrot and chilli.
Stir and brown.

After washing and draining the tripe, cut it into strips.
Add it to the pan, blend it with white wine and put the tomato pulp.
Mix and season with salt.

Cook for 2 hours and, halfway through cooking, add the chopped mint leaves.

Your Roman-style tripe is ready, serve it with a sprinkling of pecorino.

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