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Broccoli au gratin

Broccoli au gratin

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Broccoli au gratin recipe by of 04-12-2012 [Updated on 10-04-2015]

Broccoli au gratin is a tasty side dish that you can prepare to make broccoli appreciate even to those who are a little reluctant to eat vegetables, instead of dressing them with the usual bechamel I opted for a mixture of milk, eggs and parmesan and I covered everything with some sweet cheese cut into julienne strips. The broccoli au gratin turned out to be lighter and with a decidedly more delicate flavor, perfect for being able to combine them with a second course of both meat and fish and my husband also really liked them, so mission accomplished. Try them and let me know :)


How to make broccoli au gratin

Clean the broccoli by removing the hardest leaves and cutting the stem.
cut the flowered tops and wash them under running water

Put a saucepan with water on the stove and as soon as it reaches the boil, add salt and dip the broccoli inside

Cook the broccoli for 10 minutes then drain and place them in a greased baking dish

In a small bowl, beat the milk with the egg, Parmesan, salt and pepper

Pour the egg mixture over the broccoli

Cover with julienned cheese and bake at 180 degrees, then cook for 25/30 minutes

Serve the broccoli au gratin.

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