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Stuffed focaccia with ricotta mixture

Stuffed focaccia with ricotta mixture

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Recipe Focaccia stuffed with ricotta mixture of 26-03-2014 [Updated on 05-04-2019]

The focaccia with ricotta dough is another one of those recipes that comes from the fb group, Liliana suggested it to me a few weeks ago and I immediately tried it too and now after tasting it here it is, excellent! The dough of the face is particularly soft thanks to the presence of ricotta and the filling made with tomato, cooked ham and mozzarella makes it super greedy, in my house it liked it a lot and so I recommend you try it, I'm sure you will like it too: P I salute you and go back to work, today I have a long list of things to do and various external errands, the things that waste more time, but luckily today is a beautiful day and I will not have to wander under the water;) Hello and later


How to make stuffed focaccia with ricotta dough

Melt the yeast and sugar in a bowl with the water and milk just warmed
Then add the ricotta and mix

Add the semolina flour and the 0 flour and start kneading

When the mixture begins to bind, add the salt as well

Knead the dough until you get a soft and homogeneous dough, then form a ball, cover and let it rise for 2/3 hours

Once risen, divide the dough into 2 parts and roll out 2 sheets with a thickness of about 3 mm. Line a pan greased with oil with a first layer of pasta and cover it with the tomato puree, flavored with oil and salt, leaving 1 cm of free edge.

Cover with the cooked ham and then with the sliced ​​mozzarella

Cover with the second sheet, seal the edges well and let it rise for another half hour

Brush the stuffed focaccia with oil, prick with a toothpick and cover with a little coarse salt, then bake at 200 ° in a preheated oven.

Cook the focaccia for about 30 minutes

Let it cool for a few minutes, then serve the stuffed Focaccia on the table

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