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Beef soup

Beef soup

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For starters, I cut the meat into cubes and boiled it.

In the meantime, I cleaned the vegetables and cut them into cubes.

If the water boils after the first boiling, strain the meat and put it back to boil in another water. Froth until the juice remains clean.

When the meat starts to penetrate, add the vegetables and let them boil together, over a low heat, so as not to disturb them.

I haven't used many vegetables for this soup, but if you like more consistency you can add a potato, peas or green beans.

When the meat is well cooked (the vegetables boil quickly, anyway) I added 2 tablespoons of tomato juice. You can replace them with fresh tomatoes, peeled and diced.

I added the borscht, boiled before, then I added salt and pepper and after a few boils I stopped the soup. Now I have the egg and the noodles and I left the bowl covered with the lid, so that the noodles soften as well. I know people who boil the noodles before and add them at the end to the soup (or soup, as the case may be), others boil them directly in the soup. I put them on even when I stopped the fire, as I told you, and it softens only well like that.

At the end I sprinkled a lot of greenery, freshly chopped.

Good appetite!

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