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5 Food-Musts for Winter Weddings

5 Food-Musts for Winter Weddings

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For every season, there are go-to wedding trends that are associated with what’s popular during that time of year.

In summer, we’re filling bouquets with lush peonies, scattering our tables with succulents and citrus, and serving heaping seafood feasts for dinner.

In spring, place cards are nestled in long rows of moss or grass, bridesmaid dresses are punchy, and tulip is the word.

In fall, we’re lining our aisles with leaves, serving pumpkin soup as a first course, and our centerpieces are packed to the brim with warm hues like orange, red, and purple.

As for winter — we’re thinking white, warm, and cozy.

Here are our top five food must-haves for your winter wedding:

Bars: Whether it’s a s’mores bar or a hot chocolate bar, use the idea of roasting marshmallows at home on a snow day as inspiration.

Cocktails: Mulled cider, hot toddies, and buttered rum are perfect winter sips and would also be a great base for couples to make their own signature drink.

Tabletop: Think snow! Clean white roses, baby’s breath, and poinsettias make for a great start to a centerpiece. Add-in hints of silver and gold for a wintery look.

Menu: Think cozy — soups, roasts, and root vegetables. Check out a few of our winter menus for inspiration.

Cake: Pine cones and evergreen make for fantastic winter-themed cake décor. Also, don’t be shy do create snowflakes from fondant as well — think cold!