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Which of These Chain’s Heart-Shaped Pizzas Will Win You Over?

Which of These Chain’s Heart-Shaped Pizzas Will Win You Over?

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Pizza Hut and Papa John’s are both offering their version of a heart-shaped pizza

Both pizzas are available through Valentine’s Day.

A heart-shaped pizza pie? That’s amore.

Pizza Hut and Papa John’s are offering heart-shaped pizzas just in time for Valentine’s Day to help spread the love (and your love of pizza, of course). The heart-shaped offerings and deals are slightly different; however, both are back and available for a limited time through Valentine’s Day.

Pizza Hut’s heart-shaped pizza is exactly the same as a regular hand-tossed pizza at the chain but shaped like a heart, according to Brand Eating. The toppings, drizzles, and crust seasonings all hold true to the original. The pizza is being offered with a choice of a Hershey’s Triple Chocolate Brownie or Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip cookie for $13.99. Prices may vary depending on location, and customers are advised to call their local Pizza Hut ahead of time to make sure they are offering the pizzas.

Papa John’s, on the other hand, is offering a crispy thin-crust heart-shaped pizza. A medium pizza costs $11, with an additional $1.25 for each topping. The chain is offering a $15 deal which includes a one-topping Heart-Shaped Pizza and a Double Chocolate Chip Brownie, according to Brand Eating.

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