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Dessert buckwheat and carrot balls

Dessert buckwheat and carrot balls

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Bring water to a boil and when it boils, add the buckwheat and leave until soft.

Meanwhile, clean and slice the carrots and put them to boil in another bowl. Keep the soup resulting from boiling the carrots. When the buckwheat is ready, let it drain in a strainer.

Grind the almonds on a robot.

Boiled carrots are placed in a bowl and blended. Add buckwheat and a little carrot soup and blend (with the help of a cook: D) until it becomes a not very soft paste. If necessary, add carrot soup. Add the chopped almonds, rum essence and whipped cream and mix well.

At the end, add the chocolate cream and incorporate. Balls are formed from the buckwheat composition and are given through coconut flakes mixed with cinnamon. Let cool for a few hours and serve with gusto!

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