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Easter Tunes for Kids

Easter Tunes for Kids

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Set the scene for egg decorating, scavenger hunts, and all-around Easter fun

We’re looking forward to a hefty Easter feast full of seasonal ingredients and delicious fare, but for kids, the appeal of Easter is much different.

To a child, Easter is about baskets stuffed with Peeps, chocolate bunnies, and Cadbury eggs. It’s about hunting eggs with their friends and siblings for a prize at the end, and it's about having a seriously good time decorating Easter eggs.

As we've said before, no party is complete without tunes to set the mood — and when it comes to kids, Easter is most definitely a party, especially when there’s candy involved.

So whether they’re hard at work creating an egg-shaped masterpiece or you want to amp them up for the big hunt, play a few of these songs to get your little ones excited.

Here’s our list of songs. If you want to take a listen on Spotify, head here: Easter Songs for Kids

• "Easter Parade"
• "Bunny Hop"
• "Don’t Cry for Me Easter Bunny"
• "The Funny Little Bunny with the Powder Puff Tail"
• "I Want Candy"
• "Sugar, Sugar"
• "The Candy Man"
• "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail"
• "Peter Rabbit and the Hunt for Flopsie’s Tail"
• "A Tisket, A Tasket"
• "We Like to Party"
• "ABC"
• "Don’t Stop Movin'"
• "Hot Cross Buns"
• "Mary Had a Little Lamb"

Watch the video: Because Childrens Easter song by Shawna Edwards (February 2023).